bard’s Back!

Remember bard, the author of Cravings? Well, he’s back for an interview!

How long have you been writing, especially the erotic poetry?

I have been writing since I was 21 (actually, since i was in fourth grade). The erotic poetry is fairly new for me, because I was always of the opinion that whatever I write, there should be some care, that someone is not influenced wrongly. i embraced those erotic urges and funneled them into lines on paper, since 2000.

The interesting challenge in writing erotic poetry is to write it in such a manner so as not to wind up writing cheap “letters to penthouse” text, but image evoking pieces — and a lot it depended, too, on the inspiration. Sometimes it is hard to write something libidinously arousing at the drop of a hat. Now, say, the drop of OTHER clothing, well…

I know that you’re a submissive male… Forgive me for saying so, but as a ‘vanilla’ who hasn’t moved beyond a playful spank or a bit of role play, I always thought of BDSM as ‘rough stuff’. I was surprised to read how tender your poetry is. Can you explain a bit about that? About the romantic side of BDSM?

BDSM is a sideshow in the carnival of life, its midway with other “games of chance” and if i wrote about that, then it would be a reaction to the stimulus… a lot of the “vanilla world’s” idea of BDSM comes, too, from media. You want to talk about a real Master/submissive relationship, just think about how Media cracks the whip at the viewers (but that is another idea, another time).

A real DS Relationship will be one with LOVE in it, wherein surrender if a gift to my Mistress and Her accepting it is the gift returned inn accepting me.. my pen just responds to that inspiration through the prose and verse. This may sound hard to believe, but the DS Relationship can be a very spiritual journey too… i wrote a blog about this very question on my myspace my blog.

Your blog post is highly recommended reading for those of you who do not yet understand how BDSM can be such an emotional experience. Your works in general are very emotional. What inspires you aside from poetic talent? What do you think makes your work so exceptional?

My work is exceptional? gosh… I am blushing now. To me, poetry is simple when looked at this way: it is EXPRESSION. Tapping into those emotions are easy enough with someone whom I love, and She becomes a Muse for my late nights writing… my Mistress touches my heart… my heart is like a big sponge of expression waiting to be squeezed…. and my pen is dipped into that sponge. Desire is a great force to move one into that vulnerable area of self honesty, an expression of those desires. A lot of times I can only be good as my Muse.

As a man, do you like lingerie? If so, what about it?

I LOVE lingerie, not on me though; cannot say that would be a very easy sight on the eyes.

Anything that scantly covers, hinting at what may lie beneath, I am all for. It makes foreplay all the more enjoyable. And when she holds me to her breast, well the tactile softness of flesh and material is wonderful against my cheek…

Is there a favorite style or color you like your Mistress to wear?

I am not well enough versed to tell you what kind of lingerie my Mistress wears. Reds and blacks and deep purples are very nice.

Do you buy lingerie? Can you go into the store? *wink*

I am not one to be intimidated by any store, but, no, I do not buy lingerie. No one to buy it for nor that I would really know what sizes I would need.

Now, about you… what does bard lounge about in at home?

bard lounges in whatever bard’s Mistress tells him to lounge in.

Do you ever read your poetry aloud to your Mistress?

I have done that, yes. I need a sounding board, of course, to see how the poem sounds. She does that, listening to my words, and She responds by telling me if the work is good or bad. And She has never said, yet, that anything i have read to Her is bad. She is very impressed by my talent with words and their expression.

What does she think of the book?

She is very impressed with me, proud of me, and She LOVES the book … quite alot.

As an author, what’s next for you?

As an erotic author, i am now writing more for volume two of “poetry of the dommed” — that is if the book sells enough… i am writing more, as i said, of that genre and if the first sells, maybe there will be a volume two.

Do you have any works based on lingerie? (If so, care to share?)
well, there is this one…

Inspired by this very blog perhaps? Hmmm, I’m going to save that for a post all on it’s own *wink*

For those of you who can’t wait, you can find out what bard’s up to at MySpace.

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