Peeking Inside Dorothea’s Closet

I’m up late with insomnia (again), but instead of turning to tea and comfort food, I prefer to surf for vintage lingerie… Out and about on the Internet, I had to knock on Dorothea’s Closet door and just look at what I found:

This half-slip in a soft nude (with pink tones) colored sheer nylon has a lace trimmed, window curtain style hem with pretty — no make that stunning — flower appliques.

By Carillon, this is a classic 60’s piece that surely dates from the New Look era not that mod stuff.

Elegant and feminine, this slip demands attention without being brassy about it.

Now this pale pink nylon half slip is by Michelene and still has it’s original store tag.

But what’s really slaying me is what you all can see — that’s an 8 inch long embroidered, pleated chiffon hem!

(Yes, ladies, that’s what a real eight inches looks like. I know, I know, it looks so much bigger than what you’ve been shown lol)

Quick, get me some smelling salts — I’m gonna faint over this hem.

And while you’re shopping Dorothea’s…

Take a peak at this sheer pink chiffon nightgown!

If I just read “sweet floral embroidery” and the “smocked waist”, I wouldn’t envision this sexy number! Who knew such dainty & demure words could describe this heart-stopping sexy gown?!

(Take a look at all the photos at the site, because this one won’t last long!)

Three pretty in pink pieces of vintage lingerie… perhaps this is all I needed to see to send myself off with sweet dreams?

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