Johnny Depp’s News Isn’t Really Johnny Depp’s News

This bit of ‘news’ regarding Mr Depp has been circulating the Internet (I found it at PR-Inside):

‘The Secret World of Johnny Depp’, penned by celebrity writer Nigel Goodall, suggests the heartthrob actor enjoyed dressing as a woman so much while filming transvestite drama ‘Ed Wood’ that he continued to wear female undergarments off camera.

‘Ed Wood’ director Tim Burton and the rest of the cast are said to have been left baffled by Depp’s lingerie obsession.

The book says: “Depp developed a weird habit where he would grab the little hairs over his nipples and just try to twist them around, absentmindedly, while he was pacing around in women’s underwear.” In the book, Goodall also claims the heartthrob actor, who has two children with his long-term partner Vanessa Paradis, once fell for a woman because of her sweater.

The book quotes Depp as saying: “I love angora sweaters. Oh man, they’re unbelievable. They really feel good. This girl I dated when I was a teenager, she had an angora sweater. When we broke up, I was upset, but not about her. It was the sweater.”

Now, my comments.

First of all, this isn’t exactly news. In 1993 a very young Depp revealed some of his experimentation with women’s wear in a Cosmo interview.

Numbers two and three: His ‘enjoyment’ and ‘obsession’ with ladies underthings while making Ed Wood seems no odder to me than any other actor-during-filming story. The part regarding the twisting of his own nipple hairs while wearing the lingerie also makes sense to me. If I were immersed in such maleness in my wardrobe, I would likely unconsciously be attracted to fiddling with my female bits (whichever may seem handy most often). What’s really strange is that this fascination is about what this man does to himself — it’s not like he was absentmindedly twisting someone else’s nipple hairs.

Numbers four and five, regarding angora sweaters. A, or I guess point 4, is a completely misleading statement: [he] “once fell for a woman because of her sweater”. Like the next line says, he was teenager! Sheesh, if I had to be held accountable for my teenage lust, hormones and fetishes, I’d look even sillier. Tom’s blue eyes? Ron’s Ford Mustang? James ability to blush? My teacher’s intelligence? All things I fell in love with a male for in my teens. If you’re gonna miss something about a teenage romance, why not the sensation of her soft, warm angora sweater?

So, this ‘news’ about Johnny Depp isn’t really news. Or even about Johnny. (Which is why I posted all this — I am sure Johnny needs no rescue from Slip of a Girl.) This ‘news’ is more illuminating about society.

Why is a man who enjoys the sensual pleasures of fabrics and textures, a man who grants permission to a dualistic being of male/female, a man whose livelihood is dependent upon being able to reach and portray emotions, personalities, drives and desires of others to be discussed as something strange or odd? Why should any man — any person? Why does society fear this? In particular this author, Nigel Goodall, needs to take a serious look at his lingerie-o-phobia and wonder, “Doth I protest too much?”

Photo is of Rosamund Pike & Johnny Depp in The Libertine (a movie I must own!).

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