Help! Who Will Save Our Panties?!

Whoever said that the crotch of panties had to be white? I’m sure the idea of a snow-white cotton panty liner is based on the desire to have panties look as clean as possible. That sounds rather sane, except as we ladies all know, the last we see of that white liner is at the store when we buy them.

Sure, we ladies try panty liners, but those are nightmarish: There’s the fiddling about for proper placement, and even then they still allow stains and leaks. There’s the sticky stuff which has to trap at least one pubic hair so that when you take that first step, yikes! (Or maybe that was just me?) There’s the morning decision to make: Wear one now, or wait until you see that first drop and then you’re too late… Wear ’em, and then worry that your lover will see the paper liner wrap in the garbage & think ‘no sex tonight’ or think you’re ‘moody because you’re on the rag’ etc. If he misses the paper clue and you do proceed to seduction, what will his fingers think of that texture down there? When you remove the panties, will he see it? Then again, if you don’t wear it, will your panties be stained?! Gads, women, how are we going to protect our panties?!

Enter Emily Beck, a woman with ideas.

Emily has invented Emmy B’s, a panty with a special liner which does not stain, and naturally, I just had to speak with her.

So, Emily, tell me more about how this panty is different?

It’s simple, really. The inner liner is black, so it hides the most offensive stain, red blood. Most women want to wear black panties during this time of the month to reduce the risk of staining, but this limits wardrobe choices. This liner doesn’t stain, and there’s nothing to leak and stain your clothes either.

I’m not a very scientific girl, so can you tell me brief-ly (pun intended) how this works?

The Wick-Stop wicks moisture away and stops stains. It’s the first waterproof fabric for innerwear, and I have a patent pending for it. There are jackets and outerwear with this sort of technology, but this is a first for innerwear. There is also a permanent, anti-microbial agent woven into the fabric for odor control — since it’s not a chemical finish, but woven in like the Wick-Stop itself, these benefits won’t wash out. They last the life of the panty.

Sounds great! But now, the issue of looks… Is anyone going to know we are wearing these?

No. They look normal — just the liner, the crotch area, is black. It’s a full pink (or whatever color you buy) panty. No one else knows.

But it’s still soft, right? And there won’t be any crinkly noises — like if you had a plastic liner there?

It’s silent and undetectable. It’s soft, flexible, stretchable, everything you want in the crotch of your panties.

So, now about other comfort issues… how’s it breathe?

We first tested it in the summer — to see if there were any problems with heat — and there was not a single complaint. The confidence is amazing.

So these panties look and feel ‘normal’, save themselves and the rest of your wardrobe as well — Emily Beck is more than just a panty guru, she’s a Super Hero!

Now, as for buying your new super panties… Here’s the scoop:

The product will launch in On Gossamer panties as panties with “Luxury Liner” in February, 2007. (Designer and company owner Arlene “Bubbles” Smolev founded the On Gossamer line in 1988. In early 2006 Carole Hochman Designs inked a deal to buy the company, but Bubbles remains President and Principal Designer and her husband, Steven Smolev, is CEO of On Gossamer, Inc.)

The panties will be available at up-scale luxury stores (Nordstrom, Sax, Bloomingdales) and will be priced at $19 a pair. This means you’ll be able to get this remarkable technology in your panties for darn near the same price as any pair of pretty panties at Bloomies. The very first panties will debut in light pink, nude, white and black.

A few months later, in the second phase, Emily’s own brand of these panties will hit the market under the Emmy B’s name. They will be found at stores like Macy’s.

By the time the panties hit the mass market, they will likely be under different brands, and will be priced according to this market segment. (Meaning, they will be priced similarly to the other panties around them, and affordable to ‘the masses’.) By this time, the panties will be available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Emily has assured me she’ll keep me informed of any other news regarding her super panties — and I in turn, shall tell you. So stay tuned ;)

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