Dishing Lingerie & Erotica With Gwen Masters

I posted an excerpt from the erotic lingerie story The Photographer, by Gwen Masters last week, and now it’s time to get to know the author. So get ready to get intimate with Gwen…

Gwen, how long have you been writing erotica?

I’ve been writing erotica for almost thirteen years now. I have written in other genres in the past, but erotica has become my focus these last several years. The more I write it, the more I love it, and I can’t imagine not doing this as a career.

What was the inspiration for The Photographer?

“The Photographer” was written in the aftermath of a photo shoot that was very long and tiring. I had a lot of time to think between the flashes going off, and I was thinking about sex — naturally. The photographer was a guy just like Arik, with the proper British accent and manner, the no-nonsense kind of man that just makes you want to rattle his cage. I saved my cage-rattling for paper — and there you have it.

So, you’ve modeled? Such a naughty tease to just mention it so causally. Dish!

I did a bit of modeling very early in college, but I didn’t pursue it beyond that. I’ve always been voluptuous, and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my curves — or food — to make myself rail-thin. Besides, I was too busy writing!

That particular shoot that inspired “The Photographer” was for a series of pictures that would eventually go on my book jackets. The photographer was an absolute perfectionist — I mean, this guy was so serious, it was almost comical — so what should have been a few pleasant hours turned into a whole day of delays. But my mind is always clicking, so I spent most of that time writing stories in my head.

What else inspires you to write erotica?

Almost anything can be an inspiration. I’ve written stories based on the scent of whatever candle was burning at the time, believe it or not. I’m very drawn to scents and textures. The coolness of tile might inspire me to write a story about sex on the bathroom floor. The way sunlight falls across a quilt on my bed might make me want to write something about making love in the middle of that sunbeam. Today it was a listening to the new Pat Green CD. Yesterday it was wearing my man’s football jersey. If you are open to the world around you, anything can become sensual. Anything.

I can’t help but picture you wearing a silky nylon gown — in red for some reason — writing erotica… Have you ever worn lingerie to get in the mood to write? (And was it red?! lol)

It probably wasn’t red! But I do wear it sometimes when I write. Probably the best prop to get me in the mood to write is my old poet’s shirt. It has the big cotton ruffles around the wrists and the hem, very old-fashioned and ladylike. It feels like wearing your man’s shirt around the house, but it has a very feminine flair. I pull my hair up in a bun, put that shirt on and turn on some soft, sultry music. It makes for some sweet, sultry stories.

Let’s talk more about ‘Gwen the woman’. I know you have one little secret — a penchant for silky gowns! Tell us about it! Do you have any favorite styles, colors, brands?

I have a closet full of those silky gowns. I like the shorter ones, that show a bit of leg, but I also like the long, full and flowing gowns. I especially prefer gowns with spaghetti straps over my shoulders and a snug bodice. Then the skirt just flows down around me, and it feels heavenly! I feel sexy as hell in an old-fashioned gown.

I don’t really stick to one brand of lingerie — if it fits and looks good, then I don’t care who made it. I usually buy something in green or blue, a deep jeweled color, something that looks striking against my red hair and very pale skin. My favorite gown lately is a gorgeous lace-trimmed, floor-length baby blue number, with a sheer, full skirt and a matching gown.

I find many comparisons between erotica and lingerie: they allow you to use your imagination, they tease and arouse… And some say both are sexist and degrading to women. What are your thoughts?

I think erotica and lingerie go hand-in-hand, of course — just like you said, they are sexy and meant to arouse. I always find it interesting when someone labels something degrading or sexist, whether it be erotica or lingerie or anything else. And maybe I’m making it a bit too simple, but to me, it is pretty straightforward: If women didn’t want to read erotica, they wouldn’t pick up the book. If a woman didn’t want to wear a silky babydoll or a slinky gown or a badass leather bustier, well…she wouldn’t.

And who has the right to decide whether it is sexist, or degrading, or wonderful, or beneficial, other than the person who is actually wearing the lingerie? Who can decide that book is going to degrade you — except maybe you, the person who is actually doing the reading? Feeling as though something is sexist or degrading just because someone else said it is — well, that’s a sad case of not being brave enough to think for yourself.

Yes, thinking for yourself is a very good thing. But the insight of others is not to be overlooked. For example, lovers can often see ourselves in ways — and lingerie — that we don’t. Have any partners suggested a lingerie style or look that you were reluctant to try? If so, how did that go?

My boyfriend has a fetish for leather. I had never bothered to even think about it until he came along and asked if I would ever wear it. Then I started to venture into the internet shops and wow! A whole world of leather! I thought it would be a bit uncomfortable, but the first pair of thigh-high stiletto boots that I slipped into felt heavenly. I usually hate high-heels, but those boots… They just cradled my leg like a glove, all warm and tight and sensual. I started to think, hey — he might be on to something here! Now I’m looking forward to adding quite a bit of leather lingerie to my “behind closed doors” wardrobe.

Any other secrets, Gwen?

Hmmm…always (said with a wicked grin)! And they eventually come out in my stories…

Actually, something that just came to mind as I was thinking about lingerie…I realized that the best part of it for me is the way it feels. It looks good, yes — if you experiment and find the styles that best fit you, it is very flattering to the body. But what I love the most about it is the feel of the different fabrics against my skin. The soft tickle of lace, the slippery feel of silk, the softness of cotton and even the slight roughness of leather — it all makes me very aware of my body, of how I move, of what sensations light my fire. It makes me feel alive and very sensual, like a sex goddess.

Yes, yes, Gwen, now you’re really talking! Preaching to the choir, of course, but this is so true and it’s those details you mention which make your stories so good. Speaking of your stories, what can we look forward to in terms of your writing? And (she whined) will there be more lingerie themed stories?

There are always more short stories coming along — I love to write short stories, and probably always will. I just finished editing my latest novel, a bdsm-themed story, and I’m looking forward to the publication next year. I’m working on the next novel already. And yes, there will be more lingerie-themed stories — in fact, I’m working on one this week!

Really? You’ll share it with us, right?

I will absolutely let you know when other lingerie stories are out, and I will be more than happy to send you the text for any excerpts you might want to make.

That’s so cool; thank you! You are welcome here anytime, Gwen.

And in closing, let me say that your blog looks fantastic! Sexy lingerie — especially silky gowns — has always been an absolute necessity for me.

And that, dear readers, is why we’ll be hearing from Gwen soon!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit Gwen Masters’ website.

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