The Hidden Erotic Woman

I love this work by Charlene Lanzel.

A ‘bookish’ teacher with cats-eye glasses, apple in hand, sits by her blackboard wearing a black bra and slip reading erotica. Of course, she simply must have the string of pearls at her throat.

It shows the secret nature of woman: erotic underneath it all, no matter what her occupation or demeanor.

Like sexy librarians (sexy for their brains first!), the misunderstood geeky girl (who is braless under her simple white tee and thinks the lack of eye contact is because no man likes her!), or the tired mom (who wears non-matching satin bra & panties because the laundry just works out that way!), we women are all hiding a little something sexy within ourselves… Smart men know to look a little further to find the sex kitten in us all.

Those who do not, miss out on hidden delights.

Those women who don’t feel the least bit sexy need to slip into satin, slide into bed, and savor an erotic book… revel in your sensuous self!

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