Dirty Panty Erotica: She Never Knew

** What follows is some intense, explicit erotica — you have been warned.**

A story about panties she wore; panties he adored… even if she never knew about it.

An excerpt from She Never Knew, by Angela St. Lawrence:

Even now you don’t remember the first time. The first time you had to have more. The first time you stole her panties, sniffed them, jerked off in them. And finally wore them: Her cum and their cum, all those men’s cum, wet against your cock, spunk-soaked satin and lace. A dirty betrayal. A profane gesture. You knew it, but you did it anyway, time and again – even your guilt a twisted aphrodisiac that you fed upon.

That was long ago, back then, back there. You both moved on. She – to three states, two marriages and, now, two divorces. You – just to a different apartment, one town over. Always single, always remembering.

But she’s found you in the here and now.

Read She Never Knew, and come back for the author’s interview soon!

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