Bratz Sluttifies Kids

Yes, we all know that Bratz dolls are trashy; but this is how low they’ll go:

Bratz Twins (or Twiins)
• Two baby Bratz dolls with all the attitude of the teen versions
• Adorable Roxxi and Phoebe come with cool fashions and tiny accessories

But what the Target and Wal-Mart sites both fail to mention is that twin Phoebe “Sugar” wears a fluffy pink jacket over her pink and black lingerie and Roxxi “Spice” wears a fake leather jacket, which is open to reveal her skimpy red and black lingerie.


If that weren’t bad enough, Bratz and others make “bralettes” and lacy bras and panties for kids. I had posted on this trend for teens before, and am surprised that the US isn’t all over this issue. It doesn’t seem that US stores have gone crazy enough to peddle the smutty kids lingerie… yet.

For now, they settle for the stripper shoes and trashy dolls for kids.

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