Men’s Week: Men’s Robes

Vintage Men's Robe -- Click to Buy If you aren’t the kind who can envision himself in a smoking smoking jacket, or if you are looking for additional loungewear options, then consider a handsome vintage robe.

Again, ladies love the look and feel of these robes. They are made of such wonderful fabrics which hang and drape about the male form and invite our gaze… they beg our heads to rest upon them, our fingers to run over them…

When searching for vintage robes for men, one name to look for is Rabhor — they make stunning men’s loungewear, including those with matching fringed belts.

I know you think I’m beating a dead horse here, but please! Stop wearing those sweats, old tees, and silly boxers or tidy-whities and get yourself a smoking jacket, vintage robe or some suitable loungewear. Your lady will love you for it.

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