Craving Glamour Gurlz Pics & Erotic Poetry?

Well, here’s your fix!

Sexy photos from Glamour Gurlz, where they say, “Let us help you to experience an era when women were proud of their femininity…”

This week, not one, but two pretty blondes in lingerie to tempt you. These two are so sweet in their sheer lingerie confections, they’ll leave you with cravings!

Hey, that reminds me of a lovely, sweet erotic poem…

(Yes, an erotic poem, so stop reading if you don’t want to be all hot and bothered!)


cotton candy breasts –supple pink
flesh endlessly orbiting, pointing nipples
sweet –so very diabetic sweet …
my mouth sticking, refusing
to let go, release . . .
a candy desert buffet
to my sweet-tooth-filled mouth…
taffy soft, flowing, eddying
her navel . . . drawing me downward
to the centerpiece of the feast spread
before me …
cake frosting smooth, melting against
my tongue, swirling, lapping
angel food soft, savory
flavor enslaving me …
binding me to Her
always, one more taste.

Cravings, by bard, as published in his book, Poetry of the Dommed. Used with permission. Poetry of the Dommed is a pretty collection of poetry written by a submissive man, bard, to his lady love, a Dominatrix. The book proves that sex power play can be sweet, and that BDSM isn’t as hard and bereft of emotion as you might think.

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