Delicate Care for Delicates

I received an email from announcing their Buy 1, Get 1 Free sale which is a great sale for lingerie lovers…

Laundress Delicate Wash
icon Who doesn’t need special soap for washing their fine lingerie? The Laundress Delicate Wash cleans easily and gently, can be used in both hand washing and machine washing, and is safe for specialty fabrics. The wash smells sexy — with rich amber, yet the crisp citrus and herbal notes make this a fresh and fabulous scent for both men and women.

If you are kind, you’ll buy one for yourself, and share the other with a friend (makes a great addition to your lingerie gift & a swell stocking stuffer!).

Gal Pal Removes White Gunk
icon No more white deodorant marks on your little black dress! Gal Pal, the Original Garment Deodorant Remover, is made of a special foam which removes the annoying marks yet doesn’t damange the fabric. Since each Gal Pal is reusable, you not only save yourself embarrassment, but you can save time and money by skipping trips to the dry cleaners and avoid using those at-home-dryer-bag-thingies.

They also make a travel size Gal Pal.

Buy one of each of these products, get one of each free, and you should be eligible for free standard shipping too!

The Buy 1, Get 1 Free ends 9-15-06 or while supplies last. Go wild — I am!

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