Babydoll Nighties

An under-rated lingerie style in today’s world of bare-it-all-strings, the babydoll is a basic that virtually any woman can wear.

It’s comfortable, yet sexy as hell. Playfully covering areas a woman my be more sensitive about (such as a soft tummy or a pear shape), the babydoll nightie is rather conservative compared to today’s skimpy teddies and and thongs. But just because this is a dream to sleep in, don’t let it fool you into thinking it will put the viewer to sleep!

A man’s point of view, quoted from An Ode To The Babydoll Nightie: Men, don’t ask if she has one, just quit being a cheap bastard and treat her to a sexy little Baby Doll. …With the baby doll you can’t screw it up. It just is plain adorable, cute, sexy, titillating and even naughty if you so desire. It is a classic and she is going to be a puddle of passion if you play your cards right.

In my opinion, vintage styles are the best. They offer more tease with their volumous layers of silky nylon, making things at once both visible and hidden, teasing the senses and requiring use of your imagination.

Like Kimberly in Want to Play Peek-a-Boo? says, The idea is to tempt and tease, only showing your gracious god given curves under soft cloudlike layers of girly softness. A matching sheer brief style panty or frilly bloomer is also a must have to match your babydoll. Pigtails and big red lolly pop are optional. *giggles*

Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc. But even if you opt for modern babydolls, or solid nylon numbers rather than sheer ones, babydoll nighties invite play. So go have fun!

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