Smoking Jackets

Click to buy! If there one item that all men should have in their fashion arsenal, it’s a smoking jacket.

A classic smoking jacket is a silk, satin or velvet waist-length jacket with a shawl collar and wide cuffs. It can be a buttoned or a sash style, but it is ventless, comfortable and has pockets. Typically, the inside lining is as wonderful at the outside, and is what you see on the collar and turned-up cuffs. More often than not, these jackets are as rich in color as the fabrics themselves.

The smoking jacket was a Victorian creation. While most men smoked cigars or pipes, it was deemed a habit which had a smell too-too uncouth for delicate ladies and their sensitive nostrils. The way to balance manly habit with womanly ‘needs’ was to have men wear a garment specifically for the purpose of smoking in, thereby protecting every-day garments from absorbing the smell of the offensive after-dinner smoke.

Not surprisingly as smoking cigarettes became all the rage for ‘everyone’, smoking jackets became less popular. With smoking being a huge no-no, and smokers now-a-days being treated as the new lepers, smoking jackets are now a thing of the past (or a garment created on special order basis). This means gents in search of smoking jackets must search vintage fashion shoppes and turn to online searches in order to find these gems.

The good news is that smoking jackets were made with quality, and properly cared for, one will last a lifetime.

The smoking jacket should be considered an at-home entertaining jacket. A suit is too formal and isn’t as comfortable as the sophisticated smoking jacket. A sports jacket, blazer, or cardigan? Bah. It screams “I tried, but I lack imagination”. Forget the casual shirt or sweater; it’s overdone and not worthy of remembering. As such this ‘fashion’ screams “You are not worthy of getting dressed for”. A smoking jacket allows a lady loves to feel that she is deemed worthy of such elegant attire. Even if you are only watching a film at home, why not show her such style?

There is an undeniable elegance with a smoking jacket, making it a must-have for any man.

But don’t feel the need to stop with just one — a proper smoking jacket can take a man with improper intentions a long way!

Click to bid! Why? Because a smoking jacket on a man is comparable to lingerie on a woman… they invite the fingers to touch them… remove them… Unlike many women’s intimate fashions which do the same, a smoking jacket is comfortable lounge attire — and when paired with complementary bottoms, perfectly acceptable to open one’s door to get the mail — or let a lady guest enter your lair.

A lad, a cad or a gentleman clad in a smoking jacket stands out as a special man with a flair for fashion and love of days gone by… when a man was a man, and a woman a woman. Or a man was a wolf, and a woman a doll. Or is it he’s a rogue and the dame is a dish, cheesecake… a real tomato? But tomatoe, tomato, no matter how you look at it, the sexes are what they are, and there’s no better time to be aware of it than relaxing about your home.

The bottom line: smoking jackets are seductive as hell.

Get one. Get a pair. Get a dozen. Get laid.

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