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An interview with Nikko Lee, author of the erotic story Straight-laced:

First, a bit about you! How long have you been writing erotica?

I’ve always loved writing fiction in general and have been doing so since a young age. I discovered the wonderful power and excitement of writing erotica while I was at university slaving over my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I had been a reader of erotica when suddenly it occurred to me that I could write my own stories and customize them according to what excited me.

In real life I am a scientist but when I sit down to the keyboard I become Nikko Lee. She is my alter ego who exists in a world where her wildest fantasies are only a few key strokes away. I write what excites me and what people have told me excites them. That is the power of erotica, seduction by words. I have been known to take requests for stories. I am 29 years old and at times reserved but there are times have been moments in my life when my sexuality has bubbled to the surface and I draw on those feelings when I write.

In Straight-laced you tell the story of a woman who is more into ‘practical undies’ than lingerie — until she discovers the power of lingerie for herself. Do you think most women know such delights? Did you have such a moment yourself?

I think many woman think about others and the practical necessities of life until they discover that it is okay to pleasure themselves. I have heard of woman not masturbating until late in their lives. I think it is hard for many woman, and myself, to give themselves permission to enjoy themselves. Lingerie is often bought to show others. But when you discover the pleasure of wearing it, that magical moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and see someone of beauty and desire it sets you free.

I actually purchased my first corset last year. I had always wanted to buy something sexy for myself but couldn’t rationalize the indulgence. Then my boyfriend made a comment about my lack of lingerie. I had initially set out to by some sexy panties but the stores I visited had stock that seemed fairly tame and I wanted something more. If I was going to give myself permission to buy lingerie I was going to do it right. I wandered into a Fredrick’s of Hollywood and fell in love with the possibilities. I settled on a white corset with a blue floral pattern that had more hooks than I had ever seen. Trying it on for the first time was an amazing experience. To be bound and liberated all at once was something I had never felt before. Every woman should experience that feeling at least once in their life time and give themselves permission to take pleasure in themselves.

Amen. I love the way you wrote about the main characters reactions to the store & the store clerk. Nearly every woman has a story about shopping for lingerie — want to tell us yours?

lol I guess I spilled the beans in the last question. It is always a weird feeling to walk into a shop whose produces are designed for someone’s pleasure. There is no hiding from the clerks as they know just what that negligee is going to be used for. In some ways that is embracing and honest at the same time.

What are your thoughts on lingerie? Are you a ‘undies girl’ or a ‘lingerie lover’? Do you have a favorite style or color?

I am a practical person above all else so I have to admit I mainly own undies. But I have two pieces on lingerie that I love to wear. One is the corset mentioned above and the other is a black see-through piece. I am a sucker for a camera and cannot pass up the opportunity to pose for the guy I love. I like many different styles from the innocent white, lacy panties to a sexy red and black g-string.

What was the inspiration for the story, Straight-laced?

This story was initially inspired by a writing contest at The elements, however, come from some real life experiences. The purchase of my corset was one experience; another was when I went into a sex shop all by myself to purchase a collar. There is something about lingerie itself that inspires me; the feel, the look etc. I also am very fond of stories involving woman in a position of power and ones involving attraction between woman.

Do you have many stories which focus on lingerie?

Actually this was my first. My range of erotica is pretty broad from husband and wives trying to spice up their love life, to vampire erotica and sexual slaves.

At SlipOfAGirl, we love lingerie, esp vintage styles like corsets, girdles, slips & stockings. Do you have plans for more stories on these underthings?

I am always looking for story ideas that inspire others. I don’t have any current plans but I am a sucker for an audience, maybe it is the exhibitionist in me. If there is demand I would definitely consider writing more on the subject. My interest in writing erotica is to excite myself and others. I rarely shy away from any top. I’ve always wanted to do a story about stockings.

Oh, Nikko, let me assure you, there is quite a demand for lingerie stories! And the stockings… yum! But while we await such delights, what can we look forward to from Nikko?

I am currently developing an exhibit of my stories including information on an erotic vampire tale to by published by Chippawa publishing later this year. And you can always look for news and stories at Nikko Lee’s Haven.

So, off you go kiddos, to read more erotic works by Nikko — but please do remember to poke your heads back in here at Slip of a Girl! (Remember, tonight Men’s Week continues!)

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