Just How is Kate Moss Driving Miss Daisy?

More on the Kate Moss/Agent Provocateur story…

Daisy Lowe Modelling for Agent Provacateur Kate has pissed off model Daisy (singer Pearl Lowe’s 17 year old daughter) for ‘pinching’ Daisy’s job. Kate supposedly acted as Daisy’s mentor, yet advised the younger model “don’t do it” when Daisy was moving to New York to model. While Daisy was offered (and accepted) the Agent Provocateur gig in 2004, now Kate lands a contact too. This has apparently driven Miss Daisy to distraction, for she’s quoted as saying “I’m pissed off. Kate’s stolen my thunder.”

(Memo to self: Don’t take Kat Moss on in an advisory capacity.)

For more on the poor Daisy, read DAUGHTER OF PEARL; It’s Been a Turbulent Year for 16-Year-Old Model Daisy Lowe. First She Discovered That Her Father Is Gavin Rossdale, and Then Her Mother Was Blamed for the Break-Up of Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s Marriage. But Lydia Slater Finds Her Strangely Unfazed by Scandal.

For those that don’t know the scoop, Kate Moss now appears in erotic online films for Agent Provocateur — the first of which has sent drooling fans into a frenzy, crashing the company’s servers.

Moss has never before spoken in a film (although she had a speaking role in a recent TV ad). One of the films apparently has Kate completely nude (scrawny alert!).

The four online films are four-minutes long and were directed by Mike Figgis, who made “Leaving Las Vegas.” The additional films are scheduled to be released over the next few weeks.

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