Straight-laced: An Erotic Story

When my boyfriend asked me for a special birthday present I had no idea what I was getting into. From shopping for lingerie to finding my inner mistress I quickly found out how exciting a laced corset could be.

Warning: What follows is an excerpt of an erotic story. If it’s not your sort of thing, please pass on by to the rest of the blog!

I love this story for its demonstration of the power of lingerie on the person who wears it. And now, onto an excerpt from Straight-laced by Nikko Lee (used with permission by the publishers,

I caught my reflection in the glass window and had to laugh at myself. Dressed in a beige trench coat wrapped tightly around me, and my black-rimmed reading glasses; I looked like I was headed for some clan-destined meeting and not for the simple purchase of lingerie. I still remember blushing when Jake asked me for his birthday present. He was so nervous about asking me and with good reason. It’s not that I’m an uptight person but my shirts are buttoned up to the top button and my skirts rarely rise above my knees. I’m what most people would call straight-laced. I don’t smoke, I rarely got drunk and never paraded around flaunting my body even though I could. It was with a mixture of shock, anxiety and excitement that I agreed to Jake’s request. My boyfriend of 5 years simply wanted to see me in some sexy lingerie of my choosing and who was I to deny him that.

I set about the task as if I was shopping for some rare food item or book. I searched the phone book for the right stores. The thought of going into an adult store was still a little too daunting for me. The simple thought of looking at so many items solely created to arouse was enough to turn my cheeks bright red. I put on my cloak and dagger outfit hoping to avoid recognition by anyone I knew from work. It just wouldn’t do for a high school teacher to be seen going into a lingerie store. I would never be able to look the parents of my students in the face again. I told myself that this was for Jake not myself. With a deep breath I entered the store.

When I entered the store I walked passed tables covered in brightly colored satin bras and panties. My fingers reached out before I could stop them and traced the edge of a baby blue set, the silk cool under the weight of my touch. Such delicates were something I rarely indulged in. I continued my journey to the back of the shop where the lingerie was displayed. At first I was lost in a sea of black and red negligees. They were all so seer and revealing. I couldn’t imagine myself in them but could understand why Jake would find them so appealing. They were the illusion of clothing on the reality of sexuality. I preferred it the other way around favoring cotton nighties and bunny slippers. Maybe they weren’t the sexiest but they were cute and safe.

“May I help you?” A sales person said sneaking up on me.

“I’m looking for some evening wear.” I said in a hushed voice trying to be discrete.

The sales woman smiled kindly. She was a young woman not many years older than my students. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a high ponytail contrasting the dark blue pants suit she wore.

“Is this for a special occasion?” She asked.

I blushed not really wanting to tell her that it was to seduce my boyfriend and give him a birthday bedding of his dreams. “No. I’m just looking for something sexy. But not too revealing.”

The woman nodded and led me directly to rack of corsets. The idea had never crossed my mind that something once used as an undergarment could be considered as a stand-alone item. I scanned the rack. There were so many kinds. Some with so many hooks I couldn’t imagine Jake having the patience to undo them all, others more classically fitted by yards of cord crisscrossing in the back or even front. Some were decorated in shocking colors like harlot red, bridal white or widow black; others more delicate floral patterns in lace weaved over pastel backings.

“How about this one?” The young woman suggested reaching into the myriad of corsets pulling out a red satin one with a lace floral pattern. “You can try it on over here.”

Without waiting she walked towards the dressing room placing the corset in a small closet-like room.

“I’ll see what else we have that might look good on you.” She said.

With that I was left alone in the closet, a mirror on one wall and the corset hanging dauntingly on the other. It took me a little while to take off the various layers I had on as disguise. I knew it was silly to be embarrassed about something that everyone did but I was the kind of person that didn’t want people looking at me and picturing me doing it. With my back to the mirror I undressed until only my black cotton panties were left and began the process of putting on the corset. The moment I slide the satin-lined garment over my thighs I felt a shiver run up me spine. I had always loved the luxurious feel of satin and often imagined having my own satin sheets but had never allowed myself the pleasure. Over my hips I pulled the corset until it lifted and pushed together my ample breasts together. It was with some difficulty that I tried cinching the cords that dangled behind my back.

“How is it going in there?” The sales clerk asked.

“Fine, just trying to tie it up.” I said with some frustration in my voice as I struggled to pull the cords tighter.

“Those ones are hard to do up by yourself.” She replied and before I knew it the door to the changing room was opening and she was standing in front of me. “Here let me help you.”

I was too surprised to protest and quickly turned my back to her just in case the corset fell off revealing my near-nakedness. A quick and strong tug nearly pulled me off my feet as the woman yanked the cords tighter level by level. I felt the air caught in my lungs and my chest was bound and wrapped.

“I’m almost done.” She said intent on her work. “I have just the thing you need to go with this.”

She was gone again and I was left struggling to breath normally. It wasn’t long before I began to grow accustomed to the feel. My hands moved slowly along the ribbed sides of the corset. I actually loved my body though I wouldn’t admit it to anyone but Jake. I loved round fullness of my hips, the soft curve of my waist and my round breast now pushed so high I could have licked the tops if I bent down just a little. Curious as to what I looked like I turned to face the mirror. I didn’t recognize myself at first. My hair was still up in a tight bun and my black-rimmed reading glasses reminding me of my normal teaching appearance. My eyes scanned lower coming upon the seductive corset. It accentuated every curve, shaping and molding my body. I found my hands rubbing the length of the corset, cupping my breasts then trailing down over my hips where the thin line of my panties rested. Around to the front over my stomach I dared let my hands drop a little lower. I could feel the heat rising from my core. I wanted to touch myself, to explore, but suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Sorry it took so long.” The blonde haired woman said with a smile of accomplishment on her face and a box under her arms.

She knelt at my feet and opened the box to reveal a pair of black stilettos. I cringed at the thought of wearing them but one look at her expectant eyes and I just couldn’t say no. Now I knew how Jake felt when I looked at him that way when I wanted the dishes done or a box from the attic. There was always that unspoken promise of making it worth his while in that look. The salesclerk removed one of the shoes from the box and I extended my foot to allow her to slip it on. I held my breath as I balance on that impossibly small point and offered my other foot to her. Once the second shoe was in place she looked up at me, staring. Under her gaze I felt a strange sense of power. I wondered what she would do if I should dare command it. Such strange thoughts passed through my mind. I wondered what Jake would do when he saw me in my new corset.

The rest of my purchase was done in near silence; the salesclerk stealing wanton glances even while I was fully dressed and in my trench cloak. I missed the tight feel of the corset and the binding cords, even the stilettos that arched my feet almost painfully. I couldn’t wait for Jake’s birthday and his reaction to my gift…

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