Dishing Lingerie with Author Jeremy Edwards

The response to this blog’s first erotic lingerie story excerpt created quite a response! It seems not only did you lingerie lovers enjoy the sensual story, but the author himself was tickled pink to be here. So I asked Jeremy to dish on lingerie…

Jeremy, are you up for dishing lingerie?

It sounds like fun, but I must confess that I can’t claim a wide expertise in the area of lingerie. Don’t get me wrong: I have a deep reverence for the sexual power of lingerie (as the story hopefully shows!). I just don’t know that I can speak authoritatively about it.

Being an erotic male counts enough for me. First, let’s hear the basic stuff about you as a writer.

Well, “Jeremy Edwards” is a pen name. I do other kinds of writing under my real name. I like to say that Jeremy is the “pseudonymic, erotic facet” of my creative identity (though erotic elements do sometimes appear in my non-Jeremy creative endeavors, in more subtle ways). I started dabbling in erotic fiction writing about 10 years ago. Though I’ve done it off and on since then, I’ve become particularly focused on it within the past year. You could say that my “productivity” in this area has taken a quantum leap, hand in hand with my getting serious about trying to put the stuff out there for the public.

Tell us more about your “deep reverence for the sexual power of lingerie”… How did it inspire this story?

I was inspired to write “Adrienne’s Ironic Lingerie” when I learned that Tit-Elation was soliciting lingerie-themed stories. “Hmm . . . .” I thought to myself. “Lingerie. Yes indeed. This should be a nice topic to brainstorm on.”

As you well know, clothing that partially reveals but partially conceals can be erotic in a different and sometimes more powerful way than total nudity. I think that part of the manifold joy of sexuality lies in how many different ways there are for a person to be alluring. For example, a woman (or man — but personally my taste runs to women) can be alluring by totally exposing her most intimate anatomy; but she can also be alluring by wearing an exquisite article of clothing on precisely that part of her body . . . or by posing nude in such a way as to leave that area just out of sight.

What works for you? Is there a favorite color, style?

Personally, the lingerie that I find alluring tends to be on the skimpy side. I’m not saying less is always more; but generally the more streamlined styles tend to be sexiest to me. I like soft
textures and sometimes see-through or semi-see-through effects. And though basic black can be quintessentially erotic, I find that luscious, fruity colors look the most delicious on a woman’s most sensuous parts. In my stories, you might notice that panties, pajamas, and even jerseys worn by the women tend to be mauve, aqua, lime, peach, etc. I happen to like saturated colors anyway, even in non-erotic contexts.

White doesn’t usually do much for me, I have to say. But occasionally I’ve seen an incredibly erotic photo of a model in white lingerie, in which one wouldn’t want her to be wearing anything but white.

So much depends on the individual, naturally — what complements one person’s looks doesn’t complement another’s; this is true of clothing at all levels, of course, and this fact is in itself a testimony to the infinite variations on beauty that people can express. But I think one very important consideration is how the person wearing the clothing feels about it. If you *feel* sexy in something, chances are you’ll *look* sexy in it. (Don’t worry, I know I’m not the first person to say that!)

No, you aren’t the first; but it bears repeating. I say it often at this blog. Speaking of this blog, myself and the readers here love vintage lingerie… Can you tell the difference between vintage and modern lingerie, or at least notice vintage styles?

Though I’m no expert, I’m aware of fashion eras in a crudely-defined way. That is, though I couldn’t pass a “blind taste test” to distinguish a 2005 thong from a 2003, I recognize the general
differences between recent styles, 60’s-70’s styles, 40’s-50’s styles, Edwardian bloomers, etc. I have a pretty good grounding in basic cultural history, and the underwear comes with the territory, right?

What does lingerie mean for/to you?

A celebration of female sexuality! A woman who wears “lingerie” rather than “underwear” — or who simply thinks of her underwear as “lingerie” — is acknowledging a sexual dimension to herself that goes beyond just a practical desire to clothe her genitals, breasts, and behind. Even if nobody sees her in her lingerie, it means something for her to wear it.

As a man, and I’m assuming a straight one based on the story, how do you feel about buying lingerie for women?

Yes, I’m straight. I’m also a long-time, cheerfully-monogamous married guy. So there’s only one woman for whom I’d buy lingerie, and, yes, on occasion I have. I don’t have any serious qualms about it the way some men might (though I admit sometimes I’ve felt a tiny bit self-conscious in front of the clerks). For me the risk is more that — as with buying any kind of clothing for someone else — you’re really not sure how it’s going to look (or if she’s going to like it). And, unlike with most other clothes, you can’t take it back for an exchange! : ) But I like seeing sexy lingerie in stores. Don’t tell the clerks, but sometimes in a large store I’ll walk out of my way to cross through that department; or I’ll hesitate briefly in front of a shop window, just to take a glance at what’s on display.

Hey, at least you admit it! What do you think is the greatest thing lingerie does for a woman?

From the point of view of the admirer, the greatest thing it does is accent her beauty. From the point of view of the wearer, the greatest thing it does is help her appreciate her own beauty.

You mentioned the Tit-Elation call — I know they are working on an anthology of lingerie themed erotica, will you be published in it?

As far as I know, the contents haven’t been announced yet. Stay tuned, as they say.

When you started writing, brainstorming for the call, what did you think of first?

It’s funny, but I can’t remember — even though this was only about a month ago! I think I was focused on finding the right “gimmick”. That is, I didn’t think anyone would want to read just 1,500 words of me drooling about how yummy a character’s panties look on her. (Though saying that makes me wonder now if I should try writing a story like that, seeing how far I get!) Anyway, I tried to come up with an original context, a fresh plot device or whatever, in which to package the drooling.

I’d say it worked — you and your story have set a precedent here at Slip Of A Girl. “Adrienne’s Ironic Lingerie” was the first erotica to appear here. And for a story on modern lingerie to be the first, well, I’d say ‘job well done!’ It’s a great story… Of course, I must ask, was the story based on personal experience?

No. Just my imagination running wild. Occasionally elements of real experiences make their way into my erotic writing, but even then it’s just small details, not overall situations.

Will you be doing more erotica with lingerie themes? And can I appeal to you, for the masses of vintage lingerie fans, to write a story featuring vintage pieces?!

I would say chances are good that sexy underwear will surface again as a focal point in my writing! And, since you’ve asked, I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for fiction-inspiring vintage lingerie.

Hey, a question for you: If I wanted to contemplate vintage lingerie with the goal of perhaps writing a story in which such garments featured, what would be the best website for me to view good examples at?

Hey, you picked up the hint! My favorite vintage sites are listed at the right side of this blog), and my favorite styles are from the 40’s thru 60’s…

I’m very fond of 60’s styles in music, film, design, and clothes, so this sounds like a good match.

The main thing to contemplate, as you put it, is the attention to detail.

Just like in pre-WWII architecture!

So, this-here blog could inspire a vintage lingerie inspired story or two…?! That would be most juicy! While we wait for that, what else can we read your stories, Jeremy?

Below is a rundown of my other published stories. The venues are all “adults-only” websites, natch. Anyway, here goes:

“Any Day of the Week” and “Vacation Plans” are at Oysters & Chocolate (membership required). “If We Were…” is available to read at Clean Sheets. Then, jumping from the mainstream to the weird . . . “The Girl Who Loved to Pee” is free to read at Sex-Kitten. NOTE: This is quite the KINKY story, in case you didn’t figure this out from the title.

I also have some other things forthcoming, at a few more sites. I always update the blog at my MySpace page when a new story appears.

OK, so now everybody knows where to check for Jeremy Edwards News — but you’ll still let us know when you have more lingerie inspired stories, right?

Of course! And thanks again for the endorsement (and especially for crossing the vintage/modern line to do it)!

** Meanwhile, stay tunned to this blog for more interviews and erotica this week! **

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