Because I Like to Bash Victoria’s Secret

Mainly, I dislike VS for one word: Quality. Vickie’s has no concept of the female form, neither in terms of sizing nor fit/feel of a garment. Apparently their world view consists of women with B cups or less. This is especially true in teddies, babydolls, nighties and corsets — but even larger bras are near impossible to find.

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And when they make a ‘Medium’ or a ‘Large’ they just ‘up it a little’ and don’t take into account what a larger size is for. Larger doesn’t just mean add an inch all over. There is torso length, hip to waist ratios, more curves in the bustline. There’s math involved, but maybe Vickie isn’t good at math?

Combine that with less than detailed care to fabric and construction such as seams, straps and closures, and you have a garment that is uncomfortable — until it pops something somewhere. The relief you feel is not from a too-tight garment, but from the pressure of having to wear it again. You might consider reattaching that strap… but then you’d only feel compelled to wear it again — and why would you want to do that?

What else do you want from items made in sweatshops? Yuppers, Vickie’s uses sweatshop labor.

The lack of respect for workers’ basic human rights include:

* Human trafficking and involuntary servitude of guest workers
* Confiscation of workers’ passports and denial of legally required identification cards
* Routine work shifts of 14.5 to 15.5 hours, with 40 percent of guest workers kept on 19 hour all-night shifts
* No sick days, paid vacations, or government holidays allowed
* Wages at 8 percent below the legal minimum
* Workers denied the legal 25 or 50 percent premium compensation for overtime hours
* Sporadic pay
* Inadequate and unsanitary working conditions
* Workers subject to pay reductions, humiliation, violence, and threats if production goals not met
* Forced deportation for any worker who spoke out about factory conditions

(Source: “Sewing Victoria’s Secret: Garments in a Hidden Sweatshop” by the National Labor Committee, 05/01/2006)

So, I dislike VS.

Here are some other reasons to bash VS:

Decoding Victoria’s Secret: The Marketing of Sexual Beauty and Ambivalence. While I dislike Vickie’s, I disagree with some of the author’s sentiments.

The writer, Marie D. Smith, believes that the company is a success with women because the product and it’s marketing are best “at giving men what they want visually” and thus women are “struggling to get or hold on to a man to give meaning to her life, and that her self-image is largely determined by a male perception of female beauty”.

Sheesh, Marie, are women really as vapid as all that?

Although, perhaps this is why the quality is the way it is… it’s about the illusion, not about lingerie being supportive physically or emotionally. (And yes, lingerie can do both.)

One of my favorite Anti-Victorious Not-So-Secrets was the Buddha Bikini Bungle.

In 2004, VS made a gaudy bikini with a top which ‘featured’ images of the Buddha (shown at the left). Yup, that’s Buddha covering the breasts. This fashion statement raised the ire of Buddhists — not because it offended their ideals of beauty (as it should most living humans), but because it was an improper and offensive use of Buddha’s image. Funny corporate Vickie’s didn’t see that commin’… I bet the Jesus version was never made because they realized it may be in poor taste issues — but by all means, denigrate a non-Western religion. Eventually, VS saw the light, and pulled the swimsuit.

Of course, you can also check out Victoria’s Dirty Secret and find out what sort of stripping VS really does… Nasty.

So this is why I do not promote, drool over, or mention VS — unless I feel free to do more ranting.

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