Dessert Vixen Really Cooks in Lingerie

Kathy Beebe, owner of Caffe Casa, Kalamazoo, Michigan, has collected vintage lingerie for as long as she can remember. Since she also loves to bake, she decided to combine both of those passions.

She has filmed three cooking classes while wearing lingerie. She doesn’t take off any clothes in the videos, doesn’t show much skin, but she does “sprinkle her cooking lessons with lots of sexual innuendo”.

Kathy, the Dessert Vixen, has made three episodes: Caffe Casa’s Chocolate Orgasm Torte, Double Cream Cheesecake and No-Bake Cookies — and she plans to shoot another in which she will dress like a scantily clad French maid and show how to make the perfect cappuccino.

While Kathy is looking for “an organization to broadcast them or a production company that might expand on her concept”, there are videos available at YouTube.

In Chocolate Orgasm Torte, Kathy wears a sinful black lingerie concoction to accompany her rich chocolate treat.

During the No-Bake Cookies episode, she is joined with two friends, and they have a school-girl theme going.

Kathy claims her target audience is “men, 15 to death” and “women over 24 who take care of children all day, empty-nesters who might want a new spark in their lives, and gay men and women.” That’s pretty much everyone… But damn, if she isn’t right!

If you can help Kathy or are looking for more info on the project, call her at Caffe Casa at 385-1026.

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