Ding Dong, The Death Bell on the Thong

From ic Lanarksire:

Perhaps thanks to Bridget Jones’s big pants, sales of skimpy thongs have fallen by 14 per cent since 2003, while sales of larger pants, boxer-style shorts and French knickers have risen by 36 per cent in the same period. Maxi pants accounted for a whopping 26 per cent of the market share and bottom-control pants have grown by 15 per cent in the last two years, according to consumer research group Mintel.

James McCoy, Mintel’s consumer analyst, says, “The popularity of trousers was largely responsible for the dominance of the thong, which originally had the practical purpose of avoiding a visible panty line.”

He continues, “This year, skirts have experienced something of a renaissance and this is partly responsible for this trend towards larger ‘boy shorts’, which are more comfortable under skirts and leaves the wearer feeling less vulnerable.”

Perhaps most fascinating, are these numbers:

The survey also indicated that British women fall way behind other European countries in the sales of lingerie. French women are renowned for splashing out on sexy lingerie, but British women still only buy underwear out of necessity, with 60 per cent of females buying new bras and undies to replace their old ones. This is despite the availability of cheap of lingerie in high street stores like Primark and H&M. The average spend for females over 15 is just £46.20 a year on bras and pants, according to the survey.

British women: bad teeth, bad lingerie. And we are called ‘Ugly Americans’!

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