Lingerie Corporate News

Spiegel Brands Inc. launches a lingerie brand later this month called Cami Intimate across both its Newport News and Spiegel catalogs — this is the first time a new line of theirs has received such a boost.

The five Cami Intimate collections are:

* the Flirty Collection, which features nylon and spandex pieces in floral embroidered seamless mesh

* the Chic Collection, which includes bras, panties and camisoles that have been constructed without seams to look smooth under clothing;

* the Sexy Collection of lace-trimmed mesh;

* the Beautiful Collection featuring classic lingerie with scalloped stretch lace trim;

* the Glamorous Collection, which consists of embroidered satin lingerie.

Also in lingerie news, Elle Macpherson went to strip clubs to find “the right look” for her ‘Boudoir’ lingerie line.

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