Victoria’s Secret Is Fussy About Boobs

“I find it especially absurd that Victoria’s Secret of all places is freaking out about exposed breasts, since it’s pretty much what they sell” says Tali Branco of North Asheville. Braco is speaking in defense of demonstrations by breast-feeding mothers to be held today, Saturday, at Victoria’s Secret stores across the country. The protest occurs because two women were recently booted from two of the lingerie company’s shops.

I’ve ignored Vicky’s since they don’t regularly create their concoctions, delightful as they may be, in sizes ample-busted women need. Little to none of their teddies, bustiers, even babydolls, are created for a woman larger than a B or C cup. Similar problems occur in torso length and the hip areas — larger sizes are not scaled with any sense of a real woman’s body. It’s a shame. But to find that the company is so phobic about breast exposure??

As Branco said, “You see more in their magazines and store windows than you do when a mother nurses.”

And what the hell do they think happens when their customers wetheirier lingerie? They get naked, have sex, and often enough, this results in children — children who need to be fed, even if Mom is shopping for more naughty bits of lace.

Shame on you, Victoria’s Secret and The Limited Group, once again you are pathetic.

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