Found this at eBay…

It’s not slip or lingerie related — but then again, it’s a secret, so who knows?! :giggle:

I Have a NAUGHTY Secret I’m Dying To Get Off My CHEST!:

I have been a BAD, BAD girl!! I have a really naughty secret that I just need to tell someone, I can’t keep it in anymore!

Trust me…You want to hear this one!!

I have NEVER done anything like it before. I didn’t even know it was possible until I did it…Now you know you want to hear it!

You will be the only other person who knows what I did. I promise you will be Shocked, Amazed and definitely turned on !

I can’t tell you anymore except that the winning bidder is one lucky person, Probably the luckies in the world!

I will also email the winning bidder more detailed pictures .

The winning bidder will get a VERY detailed email telling every part of my dirty little secret!!

Happy Bidding and remember…this is a once in a lifetime chance as this secret will NEVER be posted again!!

Go ahead and bid…You know you want to! It’s fun to be a little naughty sometimes.

I want this so bad…I can’t wait !!

(I can’t decide it this is cool or creepy…)

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