Mis-matched Lingerie Pairing

Estee Stanley and Cristina Ehrlich made it here in this blog early in Spring when I posted the news that they are to designing a new collection for Frederick’s of Hollywood. This after last year’s launch of their own clothing label, Miss Davenporte.

The clothing line is said to be a collection of “sweet-looking heart print silk shirtdresses, trumpet skirts and lady coats with a vintage feel” Daily Candy, wrote: “They were so frustrated by their inability to find the perfect clothes for their high-profile clients (like M-K & A) that they decided to make their own.”

However, selling for $200 to $1,000, I’d hardly call it affordable. Nor do their clients need ‘affordable fashions.’ Stanley and Ehrlich are listed as having “transformed Mandy Moore and the Olsen twins from ‘tween tarts into polished cover girls.” Umm, I can’t say I find them all that stunning, but ‘improved’, perhaps… But then soap and decent meal would do much, yes?

Anyway, Ehrlich and Stanley made news again based on their celeb connections, as The LA Times waxes on about celebrity stylists becoming stars themselves. Even while the publication tries to act surprised at such commercial couplings, they almost sound defensive when they write about a hosted party for the designers, “which was of course attended by many of their famous clients and covered extensively by the media, which didn’t hurt sales.”

Uh Duh. Merchandising at its finest.

But onto the lingerie aspect.

The designers claim that the Frederick’s deal to make “suck-it-in or push-it-out undergarments” does “makes sense” because stylists have real expertise when it comes to the physics of undergarments. “People who don’t live in Hollywood think these women have no problems. But from chicken cutlets to Spanx to invisible straps, it’s gnarly. We want to come up with solutions for women who don’t have us in their lives.”

Sounds logical, even supportive of the rest of us non-celebs and our less-than-perfect-not-Hollywood-stick-bodies. But when you read the comments of Frederick’s spokeswoman Yolanda Dunbar, you have to wonder why this squeaky designing team is getting the grease…

“People are realizing the support celebrities have in presenting themselves. It’s far beyond hair and makeup.”

And followed by the statement that Ehrlich and Stanley will have a role in marketing, well, one really doesn’t wonder anymore.

Does this mean we can ‘look forward to’ TV ads and fashion shows with those annoyingly thin Olsen Twins?! :eek:

If Frederick’s is going the way of Miss Davenporte’s look — or worse yet, designs lingerie based on the boy bodies of the Olsen Twins, I think I’ll be ignoring Frederick’s.

I’d caution Frederick’s that they built a name, a trade, on offering naughty as well as supporting those of us with curves. I see these designers as sending the company down the same path as Vicky’s and ignoring those of us without model bods. If so, shame on you; Frederick Mellinger rolls in his grave.

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