Bras Do More Than Boost Sweater Meat

June 7, 2006, marked the first annual National Women’s Confidence Day. Sponsored by Curvation, Vanity Fair’s line for ‘curvaceous women’, as well as Queen Latifah as celeb spokeswoman and the YWCA, the day was established to celebrate women’s confidence across the nation.

Of course, the media gave the event attention — if not for the proper reasons, fawning over Latifah herself. When the Washington Post asked, What’s underwear got to do with this? Queen Latifah replied:

“That’s really what this is all about. You’d be surprised how simply wearing the right bra can affect confidence. It may seem trivial in affecting a woman’s confidence but it works.”

I can only assume that reporters Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts are small busted women who wear t-shirts and no bras, for any larger busted woman knows not only the confidence that comes from a well-fitting bra, but the comfort as well. (And when you aren’t pickin’ up your bra straps or pluckin’ at your underwires, you certainly feel a whole lot more in control of your boobs and your life.) Amy & Roxanne must not have any body issues at all, or they would know this fundamental female fact.

As for NWCD, it will be held the first Wednesday of every June.

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