Crossdressing Q & A

In the Boston Herald, Dr. Erika Schwartz answers the following:

A few years ago, my husband started wearing women’s lingerie to spice up our sex life. I find it exciting and he keeps adding new women’s garments to his repertoire.

Our marriage is great, we have terrific sex and we are very happy. I made the mistake of telling all this to a girlfriend, who suggested my husband is gay. Now I can’t stop thinking about what she said. Could she be right? – A.V., Boston.

Her Reply:

Why would you ever listen to your girlfriend or anyone else? What goes on between you and your husband belongs between you and your husband. If things are great, why look for trouble? Your girlfriend is not a good friend, and her intentions are destructive.

I post this here because I know there is lots of confusion about crossdressing (and in lingerie circles, we do hear about this often). While I’m no expert, I maintain that crossdressing is not linked directly to orientation. Like a woman who wears pants or boxer briefs, what you wear does not state your orientation or speak of secret desires to be another gender. Actions, such as a screwing a person are far more telling. If “A.V., Boston” is female and her male husband and she are screwing, happily so, what on earth makes her ‘friend’ think he is gay?

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