Underwear Personality Quiz

According to the Talk Yummy Underwear Quiz I am Conquerista:

You are a hunter and Conquering is the name of the game. You live for the fun of bagging your guy or a good bargain when shopping. You hunt regularly for the latest couture by Marc Jacobs or Asian designers Song + Kelly.

Your career in marketing, media or PR means you know zillions of luvvies and regularly rub shoulders with the rich and powerful. You always know where the action is for dining, playing or just which spa to swish into for your weekly lift.

An ideal moment for you is being chosen to front the Bvlgari PR initiative, with a swanky party supported by Dom Perignon. Your ideal partner is the host of a posh brand, whom you managed to impress with your charming PR chatter at ra ecent launch soirée. After all he has access to the goods and his Italian good looks help a lot as well.

An avid reader of Harpers Bazaar, especially the fashion insider, you are always dressed to impress, with a penchant for full floral dresses. Being the centre of attention is where you belong, managing and giving out the orders on how things should be done perfectly to look fabulous.
Under the perfectly coiffeured, painted and manicured exterior, you like minimal coverings, preferring thongs or g-strings that cover as little as possible. VPL is a horror for you. Everything you buy matches perfectly and you even keep a very daring Agent Provocoteur set just for that right moment when you want to dress to kill. Just be careful sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted, which scares but thrills you.

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