Strange Lingerie News Items

A nurse uses her own money to buy a woman a new pair of stockings for Shabbos. The woman, in torn stockings had spent her money on a Torah scroll saying “But you know that I am a childless woman. What do you want me to leave behind – a beautiful pair of stockings?” and the nurse was so moved, she had to help out.

Tennis star Maria Sharapova wears a corset on the courts. (Does anyone else remember when tennis outfits were white, demur and still considered skimpy?)

A Miami-based dancer is suing the owners and producers of the Broadway musical Movin’ Out for more than $100 million in damages on grounds that she was emotionally abused and fired after her breasts grew too large for her costumes.

But strangest of all: Fidel Castro has his
underwear burned
to foil any assassination plots with chemicals during laundering.

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