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In December I told you about the move to ban males from selling lingerie in Saudi shops and the plans to boycott stores which had male employees. In June the new law will be enforced.

Like France Vs China, Turkey tries to hold on to its position as one of the world’s top manufacturers and exporters of underwear with two big companies. Zeki Triko specialises in skimpy lingerie including g-strings and leather bikinis. Hasema produces Islamic-style swimwear such as hooded bodysuits.

Meanwhile, an Indian lingerie designer only wishes they had the lingerie business to lose. Suman Nathwani, who has been in the lingerie business since 1987, has finally got an opportunity to display her designs at the stalls at New Delhi’s Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week which is run in association with Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). In this article she said “although the lingerie market in India had been opening up for the past six years, customers preferred to buy fashion lingerie from stores abroad.” She sites a lack of support from Indian fashion institutes which do not offer lingerie as part of fashion designing courses.

In Germany there is also lingerie news. Several sites ran the story of this season’s lingerie trends as romantic & discreet — this based on reports in the German trade magazine Textilwirtschaft. While not overly newsey, I loved the article for it’s covereage of male intimate fashions:

“One of the most important trends in men’s underwear is on the upper body. “The good ol’ muscle shirt is coming back,” said von Richthofen.

In the 1980s, pop bands like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran helped resurrect the classic look. Now British musician Pete Doherty, former boyfriend of fashion model Kate Moss, is responsible for the rebirth of the muscle shirt.

There is one difference, however. In today’s fashion lingo, the undergarment goes by the name of tank top.”

(That last line kills me! How far behind are the Germans anyway?!)

Also in German lingerie news is this story of Hamburg’s Karl-Günther Petters, pastor of St. Jacob’s church, who buys ladies’ underwear.

According to the article, the reason for this dates back to 1762. It was then that Johanna Margretha Eding (described as “a generous and socially conscious lady, was also quite clever and a tad bit megalomaniacal”) bequeathed 850 marks to St. Jacob’s for charitable purposes.

In order to claim the money, the church was made to sign a contract with some specific details — the church would provide underwear (12 sets of ladies’ underwear of medium quality every year) for needy ladies ad perpetuum “as long as the sun shines and the wind blows.”

Eding’s assets have long lost their value, and the case had gone to courts twice (in 1920 and 1985), but according to the terms of the settlement, the church has committed itself to providing the panties.

Ahh, Johanna, you make me proud to be of German hertiage. Rest in peace.

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