What’s Up with Underthings

In Confessions of a Lingerie Lover the author, a female lover of lingerie, ponders who all this sexiness is for…

The comments are quite rich as well.

Meanwhile, others ponder Why South Africans are suddenly so interested in pretty panties?

But today’s favorite news item is this: British government is launching a series of ads warning men to get consent for sex.

As this longer article explains:

“For a long time, work to raise awareness of sexual violence has focused on the need for women to take responsibility for their personal safety.”

“That is still important, but I believe that we need to start putting the onus onto men and make them aware of their responsibilities.”

I love the image of panties with “Have sex with someone who hasn’t said yes to it, and the next place you enter could be prison” and “If you don’t get a yes, who’ll be your next sleeping partner?”

If anyone can locate images/pics of these ads, please post here!

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