No More Saggin’ Boobies

Some folks were astounded when Oprah helped spread the word that 85% of women are wearing the wrong-size bra. I agree — but not because I’m an Oprah-suck-up. I’ve just seen too many ill-fitting bras. With my own DD’s, I know the pain of a bad bra. However, for those that are not convinced, here’s some new bra information:

In Sports bras vs. Cooper’s Droop, they say, “Until now sports bras have been seen as essentials only for female gym fanatics and marathon runners. But a new study has found that all women should wear them to stop the sag.”

Here’s Oprah’s pal, Susan Nethero (“The Bra fitting Specialist”), with more on bra sizing, however, most of the lingerie sites I list here also have good sizing information.

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