Lingerie News: Thumbs Up & Down

Thumbs Up: According to WWD, Lane Bryant plans to open 50 new Cacique stores, specializing in lingerie for women sizes 12 – 28, before the end of this year. You’ll find more on this news here.

Thumbs Down: Swarovski’s Lingerie and swimwear collectionyes THAT Swarovski — the crystal maker. I don’t care that they promise.. “This is comfortable” Yeah — anyone who’s ever sat on an earing knows otherwise. Like the stupid diamond holiday stuff at Vickie’s Secret, this is likely never to make it past “one-off high-end” pieces (aka prototypes).

A sparkle here, a touch there, fine. But bedazzle the whole thing? That’s straight out of Earl, when Joy wants to bedazzle her wedding dress ;)

And let’s face it, it may look pretty in the pictures and on the cat walk, but you can’t wear it. If you wear anything over it, it will be snagged at best, ripped to shreds at worst. As swimwear, umm, might as well go nude bathing because it will move, and I can’t imagine the burns in the hot sun.

For those who really like this look, get thee to a renaissance faire. Or just make it at home because that’s the only place you can wear anything like it.

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