Bras Supporting Breast Cancer Victims

The Alaska Fiber Festival includes a fund raiser called “Bosom Buddies: An Alaskan Art Bra Challenge” for breast cancer survivors, with 60 percent of proceeds headed for the Providence Cancer Center’s Patient Navigation Program. The money raised does not fund research — instead the money is used for “Life’s Little Pleasures,” to help those who are breast cancer survivors and who are in financial need for such things as babysitting, haircuts, pedicure, a taxi ride; the simple pleasures in life.

And there will be a silent auction with nearly two dozen “bedecked bras” available to help those donation cups runneth-over.

As writes in Anchorage Daily News:

“Art bras” could almost qualify as an oxymoron. Art is about liberation, while bras are about captivity. But give an inspired mind a blank bra, a deadline and no rules, and art happens… In this case, these creations are more than art. Think of them as bras for a cause.

A very cool idea.

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