Lingerie is a ‘bad’ gift?

In the SunHearald a woman writes:

I’d like to comment about long-married husbands giving their wives sexy lingerie. Guys are visually stimulated, so they should refrain from buying such gifts unless they know they are appreciated. Otherwise, it comes across as giving themselves a present.

I completely disagree, and think this woman’s view point is negative due to her personal circumstance: an overweight husband.

But, lingerie can be a bad choice if you, the gift giver, buy something that isn’t ‘her’. For example, don’t buy something she’d never wear. If due to style, size etc. the gift is clearly with some other woman in mind – be it a Victoria’s Secret model or the hot college girl who babysits your kids. The gift should be for her, and make her feel that once she slips it on, she is floating on a sex appeal that is all hers.

For more on this, check out the Sex-Kitten lingerie gift guide.

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