Lingerie is Degrading?

“It’s under the guise of a conventional lingerie shop, well, it’s not conventional lingerie — it’s made for maximum exposure of a woman’s body. I think it’s degrading to women.”


So states one lingerie protester in Germantown, Wisconsin.

Do people forget that no one forces anyone to buy let alone wear clothing with degrades? Lingerie, by it’s very design, is a private matter. Lingerie itself and the departments which sell lingerie are called ‘intimates’ for a reason: the garment’s proximity to your body, and the situations in which another would see such garments.

Granted, it seems this particular lingerie story also sells ‘adult novelties’, but again, who is forcing the prudish citizenry to shop there?

I’d never go into the cotton-grannie-undie-shop, with it’s additional don’t-masturbate-or-enjoy-your-body-merchandise, but I wouldn’t protest. I’d let my absence of money allow the business to fold. And if it didn’t, then that means there must be a market for it, sadly enough. Why don’t concerned citizens let their dollars & simple economics handle the situation instead of opening their mouths — after all, they don’t know which of their neighbors they are insulting!

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