I See China, I See France, Going To War Over Underpants

Supposedly the French are being drawn into a lingerie war with China. (You can read details here.)

The French’s response has been to plaster Paris billboards with pictures of women in lacy underwear. (Which I was under the impression was a natural occurrence in Paris — but I guess I’m just an Ugly American with that view.)

The bottom line of this war seems to be cheaper labor & overall cheaper costs in China (no big surprise here, even if I am an Ugly American), which may force France into price wars. Aside from price wars being (perhaps) a battle France cannot win, there’s another issue at stake here: The quality of lingerie.

As a woman who adores not only the look but the feel of lingerie, I do hope that France does as they say in this article:

“The whole lingerie market is moving under China’s influence,” said Philippe Grodner, chief executive of Simone Perele, a family-owned company. “Our battle is to focus on making quality products to avoid being drawn into the price war.”

Part of that strategy figures that buying upmarket lingerie is psychological, he said. “If a women falls for something, she’s prepared to fork out the extra 10 or 20 euros for it.”

Please, France, fight the good fight. While lingerie may be skimpy things, there are quite a few of us who don’t want skimpy when it comes to quality.

I may be an Ugly American, but I don’t want to dress like one ;)

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