Satin Gowns

Those of us who love slips are also fans of satin nightgowns. And there are a few modern lingerie makers which stick with the classic styles, making Valentine’s Day just a reason to splurge…, a plus size store, has this Red Satin Nightgown that’s to die for. For once, small ladies will bemoan sizing!

For those who don’t wish to fall in love and have sizing problems, I recommend Frederick’s of Hollywood. They have a long history of carrying all sizes. Not just large & small, but plus sizes and of course, they have one of the best bra size selections in the world. And they’ve been leaders in sexy since, well forever. So, it’s no surprise to see what they have in sexy gowns.

Satin Gowns Sultry Frederick’s gown options include this Retro Luxe Satin Gown. A glamorous gown of tailored heavy satin with sheer mesh detail (don’t let the word ‘mesh’ scare you, this is a classic Golden Age of Hollywood look).

BBW, don’t fret — They also make this lovely gown in plus sizes.

Amazingly, this next gown is on special, only $29!

The Deep V-Neck Charmeuse Gown has the classic glamour of vintage silk and satin gowns, a deep plunging neckline, double straps in the back, and heavens yes – a back slit!

Yes, it comes in plus sizes, and an array of colors, including Rose Chintz that must be straight out of Harlow’s closet.

Best of all, you can save $10 this holiday at Frederick’s, so take a look now!

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