Do you wear slips?

What do you think of classic lingerie making a comeback?

NY TImes Forum has a thread dedicated to these questions.

My favorite post comes from noelleellis who wrote:

Look to the past…

Classic lingerie should come back, and for us vintage shoppers, it never went away. I am especially fond of the way the classic cuts flatter an hourglass figure. Today’s designers seem like they are desgining lingerie for women shaped like 11 year old boys. Besides shapeless super-models, real, every day women are shapely, and in the time of Marilyn Monroe et al, designers understood that. It’s time to look into fashion’s past and give women what they want, what designer’s predecessors were able to deliver. and ps- a bra that says it fits A, B, and C is ludicrous. Lingerie is not one size fits all.

Many folks referenced Liz in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof too.

When it comes to Liz and slips, I always think of Butterfield 8… Does that make me a bad girl?

“I was the slut of all time!” declared Elizabeth Taylor about the role for which she won her first Academy Award®.

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