If You Love Lingerie, Visit A Burlesque Show

According to The Scotsman, burlesque is bringing back glamour:

“I’ve come to find out why Britain’s clubbing scene is enjoying a return not just to glamour but to the saucy, retro glamour of burlesque.”

As Sex-Kitten says:

“You are not merely entertained, but engaged. You feel as if you are a part of the show ~ You are being played with, and you love it!”

What’s not to love about burlesque, with it’s combination of tease & humor? It’s peek-a-boo entertainment, complete with lingerie — not just any lingerie either, but vintage lingerie!

For those that either live in a town where there is no burlesque, or those who prefer to put on shows themselves, don thee in lovely vintage lingerie, put on Kitten on the Keys’ (It’s Not A) Pretty Princess Day, and have a wonderful time!

(There are many places & performers now offering burlseque dance lessons, such as Bombshell Betty, so check ’em out in your area!)

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