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In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive, nor to be seen with any man who is not a relative. Yet, men are allowed to work at, run, and, of course, own lingerie stores.

In response to women who have written articles on the irony of this situation, the Saudi Labor Ministry has passed a decision that “all lingerie shops in the Kingdom must employ only Saudi women within a year while shops selling women’s clothing have two years to comply with the decision.”

The decision also states “Shop-owners must also design their shops so those outside cannot see inside and that prevents any interaction with men. Shops must also have special entrances for women only.”

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Also in Arab news, the love of red lace undies – for men. Apparently women are greedily snapping up the little luxuries for their men. According to “Changing Definitions of Masculinity and Femininity”, the trend started in France.

There are plenty of folks with opinions on this, most of which are not nice.

In Japan, women are always “Ready for sudden elopement.” The content of their brief cases & purses includes condoms, kinkyu-yo shitagi (emergency lingerie), as well as the usual cell phone & wallet. Find out what else is inside Japanese working women’s purses.

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