Lingerie News

Lingerie is BIG business: “That attitude is shared by Limited Brands Chairman Leslie Wexner, who says the future of a company he built on women’s apparel now lies in beauty products and underwear. Those items are less prone than apparel to seasonal changes in customer taste, are more driven by brand loyalty and offer predictable profit growth.” See Chicago Sun Times.

This just in from the Stupid File: “Goth is a subculture that has become more and more visible within the last decade. Those who participate often wear black, listen to industrial music and some apply heavy makeup.” Yes, according to Florida’s Independent Alligator, that’s the definition of ‘goth’ which accompanied their ‘news’ story on a goth lingerie party. What real goth has a party, let alone a lingerie party? Aren’t they supposed to not care about anything? Isn’t the world or at least all of humanity doomed, & they they only wise ones resigned to it? Well, I guess lingerie even peps up the goth libido.

I do not have this problem: “Bubbles is a comfortable and sexy solution to a well-known syndrome familiar to the unshapely woman otherwise known as ‘no-butt’. No goofy, uncomfortable, padded underwear here!” says Karen Jones, founder of Sweet and Vicious LLC, which now grants exclusive distributorship to Laura di Laura Campiotti for the Bubbles Butt Boosting Lingerie brand.

I guess I’ll leave you on that ‘high’ note *wink*

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