Dating in the 1940’s

“Dating was dating in those days. You went with a guy who was in a fraternity, and you got pinned. Girls dressed up in dresses, stockings and high heels and carried little pocketbooks. We wore lipstick and there was a perfume you bought in the five-and-dime store called Evening in Paris.”

So recalls Bert (short for Alberta), who has been married to Harry for 57 years. But it wasn’t always easy — Harry & Bert came from different worlds.

Harry says “I grew up near New York City, where the girls were worldly and wanted to go out to the theater, or the Copa Cabana and all the famous clubs.”

While Bert was from upstate in Troy, where “a date could mean skating when the pond froze over. A movie and a soda were a big deal. You could take a bus from Troy to Albany for dinner, and sometimes the driver would take the long route through the back villages on dark country nights and turn off the lights.”

Harry comments: “Bert was not exactly a country bumpkin in the 1940s, when I met her, but she was charming in an unsophisticated way. Her clothes were horrible though. Her dress was all sparkly with rhinestones and glitter, and it almost blinded me.

I remember when I gave her my Kappa Nu fraternity pin. We were driving the car with another couple down the main street in Albany, and Bert rolled down the window and started shouting, “Herbie, Herbie, Herbie” at some boy she knew. I asked for the pin back, and Bert gave it to me.”

But somehow, they made it all work out — Read more of the delightful story of Harry and Bert.

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